Dr. Barreto Luiz Fisioterapeuta and Fisiologista of the Exercise The confinement in the home for a period very drawn out without the contact with the exterior is harmful for any person. Worse still it is for the aged one. Many are the cases of aged people who had started to after present difficulty in the locomotion a period of drawn out time of confinement in its homes. These aged ones had started presenting incapacity to walk, to be of foot and had finished in a chair of wheels. Although not to present a health problem that justifies such mrbido state, has an increasing number of people who arrive at this period of training. This if must exactly not have no available person in the family who can walk every day with them, that is a short stroll. For Kiesling and Frederick (1987) what generally effect of the aging is said as, in the reality nothing more is of what the lack of adequate use.

This affirmation is strengthened by some cases of aged that they had recouped the capacity to walk with the Fisioterapia and make maintenance with walked daily recommended for the physiotherapist. The walked one is an activity of low cost and ample psicofsicos effect that require only one adequate tennis and availability of 30 minutes daily, to start to usufruct of its benefits for the health. The aged ones must start with one walked inside of the tolerance tie to reach bigger passages. Some can need companion due to the risk of falls or another type of accident. Hipcrates already considered the walked one as optimum remedy it human being. Amongst the benefits that the walked one can provide Guiselini (2007) cites: The increase or the maintenance of the cardiorrespiratria resistance, the reduction of the cardiovascular factors of risk, reduction of the weight in the long run, reduction of the levels of estresse and maintenance or increase of the ssea density, everything with a lesser risk of injuries. If it does not have to forget that all and any physical or therapeutical activity guided by a professional is indispensable for the security of the person interested in health.

The walked one is a simple method of prevention of the disability of the aged one and can be an element for the recovery and the maintenance of the capacity of if moving with independence. One day the oldness will arrive for all and the problems associates to the aging will be gifts if it will not have an adjusted preventive intervention. 29/01/2012 Bibliography KIESLING and FREDERICK. It walks. Edgard Blucher. 1987, SP GUISELINI. Energy, Health, and Quality of Life. Dedone. 2007, SP

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