Exercise and Nutrition

All of them increase rajas. Increasing tamas food does not contain the prana, or vital energy. To include meat, fish, eggs, stale food and dishes, as well as dishes with the addition of chemicals. Although some of They provide our body with some nutrients, they have a harmful effect on the brain.

Ayurveda looks like about a person’s mind and his body and soul, and therefore advised to adhere to vegetarianism. Vegetarian food does not only mean malopitatelnye tasteless dishes or raw vegetables and salads. There is a wide range of delicious and nourishing dishes that are easy to prepare and sattvic nature. 2. Breath of mind and breathing are closely connected each other. When anxiety or stress, people breathe fast and shallow and in a relaxed and happy breathing is deep. When you next find yourself under stress, watch your breath.

Try to calm him down. Relaxed posture and breathe in deeply contextualized in the abdominal muscles. You immediately feel relief. Always useful to keep in his busy schedule of short breaks through regular intervals, to be able to relax for a while with abdominal breathing. 3. Exercise Exercise is beneficial to physical health, but also for recovery and relaxation mind. Thanks to them, changes in blood levels of hormones that can affect the brain and improve mood. Should do exercise suitable to one and the same time of day, preferably in the morning. Exercises should engage all muscle groups. Well to start the day with a vigorous walk.

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