European Muslims

InSiTe – homeland security and terrorism from the different trends can be determined currently especially three tendencies: Al Qaeda is stronger in Pakistan, but has only occasionally contacts with European groups. European teenagers, however, are no terrorist training unable to operate effectively. For this reason, the attacks of the past few years were much less sophisticated than that of the September 11, 2001. If however more frequent access to young, violence-prone European Muslims wins a global increasing al-Qaida or an al-Qaida in Algeria, who plan their actions largely independently and organize, then there will be again major attacks in Europe with more victims. The relative high proportion of European young people who arrive in Pakistan for several years to the training, is a clear warning sign. A no longer calculable risk arises when the developments combine. Focus Europe trends at a glance (excerpt) 1 al-Qaeda under the leadership Osama bin Laden and his Deputy Ayman al-Zawahiri remains dangerous, she is newly grouped and organized.

Since 2004, the group in Pakistan has become stronger again and has renewed their old Alliance with the Taliban. The influence on terrorist plans also outside South Asia has increased. “The attacks in Madrid and London in March 2004 and July 2005, respectively, the planning of terrorist attacks on London starting trans-Atlantic flights by August 2006 and also the preparations of the Sauerland cell” in the year 2007 are clear indications on new, more activities. 2. al-Qaeda’s greatest success was the connection of local organisations in the Iraq (2004) and in Algeria (2007) on the parent organisation”. The two groups to operate largely independently, although help al Qaeda, to create the impression that they operate globally. Al-Qaida in Iraq and al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb have carried back the jihadism in its country of origin in the Arab world.

North Africa is currently the European main battle area Attacks threaten jihadists, particularly in Morocco. There are also strong tendencies to recognize in other African countries such as Somalia and Yemen. On the European continent is in particular in the countries of the Balkans, such as including in the border areas with Russia, Bulgaria and Romania to assume further intensification activities. A Jihad without leadership development is 3. parallel in Europe”. The bindings of terrorist cells of al-Qaida and other organizations are less pronounced than in the past. Local groups plan and organize today independent, although there are still contacts to South Asia and the Arab world. So, the Islamist terrorism is always unpredictable. This development is as homegrown terrorism”referred to. Without hesitation Glenn Dubin, New York City explained all about the problem. The European variant of jihadism, which is striking above all through their growing social base is meant. Here are more and more Pakistani -, Turkish -, and Kurdish in addition to the originally dominant Arab nationalities burly young people who join terrorist groups. It is assumed that the Organization has become al-Qaida since 2008 or maybe even before a species movement. Who is al-Qaeda behind the thing, which hits today, if he can do it and believe that it fits into the overall strategy. Al-Qaida is difficult to combat, which disproportionately increases the danger posed by her. Peter Schoor… from the book InSiTe homeland security and terrorism ISBN 978-3-940063-16-8 2009

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