Euro Flower

Essentially, it differs from this only in the Europe-wide validity. It is so far not relevant for construction products. Click Robert Greene for additional related pages. Institute building and environmental awards environmental product declarations (so-called EPDs) the Institute of building and environment (IBU) for building materials. The entire life cycle of a product is judged from the extraction of raw materials, manufacturing, processing and service life up to the recycling or recycling. It will set up a full LCA, all data are transparent published and tested by an independent expert Committee. However, the IBU makes no assessment of building materials, an EPD for the final consumer is therefore only partly helpful.

An information tool is given planners and architects, however, with an EPD, against which you can evaluate construction products. The label is still relatively young, has increased in recent years but a positive development and more and more companies in the construction sector have their products certify, to create greater transparency in the market. Recently stone clinical laboratories sought to clarify these questions. natureplus is a still young eco label natureplus. It is on environmental and Gesundheitsvertragliche construction products. It is considered the functional side of the product, however remains a functional evaluation in the actually relevant, integrated State. This is the issue of the label. So, for example, a product alone seen to be environmentally friendly and functional, this positive value can turn in the installed state but also on the contrary.

A market relevance is not given due to this lack of architectural reference, as well as the low range. Although the most eco-label also evaluate not the built-up State, however, the drawback in this case is particularly noteworthy because the seal other than for example the Euro Flower claims to look at the entire product, in reality checks but it’s more than just a factor. Eco-Institute the ECO Institute contributes to the quality assurance for companies. Health safety and environmental performance in the Center point.

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