Enjoy Training Meets Wine Tasting – Like Pleasure In Everyday Life

“Pulse workshop at the 30.11.2013 to turn off and power soak up experience the enjoyment of the Spanish moment” – under this title can all Termingeplagten to take a short break and enjoy what experience means all your senses. As a trainer and coach Anke Lambrecht conveys in this workshop at the 30.11.2013 from 15:30 18:00 in Siegburg near Bonn, how effectively can turn off the stress and gained regular moments of enjoyment in everyday life. The event through the integrated wine tasting Gets a special character. Up to 20.11.2013 all those interested to this advent offer can apply. Enjoy under there is enjoyment and happiness there is no more information on prescription, but techniques are taught in a relaxed atmosphere here, which make easier the switch off in the everyday life and enjoy.

The exercises are implemented locally. By the subsequent wine tasting, immerse with Mrs. Kohler Lexa vino, participants in the world of flavours. Spanish wine and delicious Munchies used to training of benefit from immediately. Fend for themselves and consciously experience however, enjoyment will not emerge on push of a button. Who enjoys the moment experienced with all the senses. First and foremost, it is no matter whether the foods are classified as healthy or unhealthy. First and foremost is what enhances the well-being and good for the soul.

What is this decides everyone: the melting chocolate, salty biscuit, or a noble drop wine. For others, neither eating nor drinking include: the gatherings, good music, or the anticipation of a beautiful moment. Everyone can relax and enjoy – many have forgotten this ability however”who can enjoy, provides good for himself and perceives his environment with all your senses. But time and performance pressure, stress, hustle and bustle ensure that most people in everyday life will hardly enjoy. Many things are done in parallel, eaten by the way, is circling thoughts, breaks have little space. This impulse workshop is a great way to get to know Anke Lambrecht and a to get a first insight into the topic of coping with stress. In a short time, all obligations can be, for a few hours, forget and recharge. Lambrecht Anke Anke Lambrecht the winged way with people who have specific performance requirements in your profession. Her motto: With ease to power and success. Special formats of training and coaching she supported by among others executives, self-employed, entrepreneurs easier to achieve your goals and to keep it healthy and productive. As an expert in the topics: Motivation, performance, resilience and coping with stress advises individuals and also their employees in the company in the successful implementation of its objectives. Anke Lambrecht

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