English Premier League Quot

Here came the turn to the second "nail" 35go tour. In this match at the Stadium Emirates Arsenalprinimal host the championship leader Manchester United. The result of this confrontation was that the victory of the Gunners Race was exacerbated, and us zhdetnepovtorimaya ending this tournament. Most of the fans after yesterday's match with Chelsea Tottenham most feared chtosudeyskie solutions spoil the beauty and ambience of this fight. Errors judge, indeed, admitted, but these shortcomings in the work of referee played in favor of both teams. First, was not naznachenpenalti per game hand Vidic, and in the end match Clichy has been forgiven, who knocked in shtrafnoyMaykla Owen. Therefore, as a result, we can say that the referee on the match result is not affected, but similar to officiate a match of this level was unacceptable.

Arsenal in this match, when he has nothing left to lose in the title race, played better assembled, more aggressive. The team is well controlled the ball, great player interaction, fast attacks, constant sharpening of transmission – Arsenal looked like a better obraztsaetogo year. And even when the team loses the ball, Arsenal players immediately began pressingovatmankuniantsev even in their half of the field. "Devils' first quarter of the match just could not do anything do with the masters of the field. No, at the gates of van der Sar is not a fire, but to go from defense to attack Manchester United could not. Only in dostatochnozhestkoy manner through rolled up, feet tapping on the opponents, etc. mankuniantsev to seredinepervogo half managed to equalize the game.

We can not say that some of the teams had an advantage – the chances to open the account appeared and they, and others, but managed to take this opportunity just Arsenal: excelled AaronRemsi. Perhaps Manchester Utd counted that Gunners by extraditing first bright segment surrender on game and for "Physics" to ending duel but as I already said Arsenal today was good and this calculation is not justified. In general, however, Ferguson has once again this season, paid for a shift of focus in the game Satake team on defense in away matches. This was the away match with Chelsea and Liverpool, where MYuvyhodil play number two and it did not get – so it was here. When zheperestroenie team has changed with the expectation of an attack, and Manchester United was playing under the scheme 4-3-3 advantage of the "devil" was very significant, but time to change something they have not left. Channel En-football.ru English Premier League

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