Emergency Care

If not now, when will be announced. It’s so many people in Germany: maintain at home their parents, other family members, as well as marriage and life partner up to self-sacrifice. Back in the background every day personal interests, some basic needs, recurring tasks such as help getting up, hygiene, and undressing, preparing and administering food and drinks, the to-bed mount up to the employment of care consume not only on the nerves but also on the physical and mental performance of the persons paid care. Even with professional help through a nursing the stress for the caregiver is immensely high, especially, if they are still working and have to cope with a complete home with children in addition to the nursing work for their loved ones. The effects of demographic change in the field of professional care are evident today. Experts assume, that is the number of Care from the current 2.4 million to four million by 2050 will increase. “The R comes to a like + V insurance with your study of ticking time bomb care:” 27 million people in Germany: so many will have a care case in the family expected to be in ten years at the latest.

Even today, there are tens of millions, another 17 million expected in the next five to ten years. The study comes to this conclusion because future needs care”of the R + V insurance based on a representative nationwide survey of the Institut fur Demoskopie Allensbach. Behind these figures currently around 2.4 million elderly are hidden in Germany over the next 20 years according to official estimates, this number rises to 3.4 million. Before a person in the nursing or retirement home, it is valid to consider for alternative forms of care. The German Professional Association for nursing (DBfK) observed the increasing collapse of care, not only in the hospitals, but also in homes and the outpatient Care.

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