Embroidery on clothing ornament – consecutive repetition of patterns and their groups (cyclic repetition of basic elements called rapport.) Embroidery ornament attached to everyday things deeper meaning. Typically, the embroidery on clothing ornament consists of straight, wavy, broken lines and geometric shapes that form a pattern in the form of a zigzag, diamond, star or cross. Each ornament, created embroideresses, is an example of unique combinations of shapes and colors: images of nature, figures of animals, people Language ornament associated with the history and culture of the people. Advertisement ornament for embroidery on the clothes all the time turned to nature, using it and what they see. Each nation kept in the embroideries of the corresponding national character, aesthetic tastes, notions of beauty.

Folk masters created patterns, switch on the motives, the actual observation of nature surrounding them with fabulous views. Creatively thought-out combination of separate components is called composition. Location ornamental compositions on traditional clothing is not arbitrary, but due to the cut of clothes and proportions of the human figure. From generation to generation, perfected and improved designs and colors, techniques of embroidery on clothes. In the Russian embroidery is very important geometrical design and Geometrized forms of plants and animals. In the form of a rhombus represents the sun, birds, etc. The ornament should be treated exactly as a decorative language community, which carries a certain meaning, encoded information and function.

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