Ecofriendly Cosmetic Tips

The editorial staff recommends these products! Who think of veganism, think safe on a vegan diet. But a vegan life does not stop in the kitchen. In contrast to vegetarians, vegans set a focus on the moral side of life. It is therefore the conviction generally refrain on products of animal origin, and thus climate – and tierfreundlichere decisions. Why vegan cosmetics? New for many people is that animal products are not only in our food, but also in everyday goods. Uses just the cosmetics market, often for reasons of cost, back on ingredients, often derived from slaughterhouse waste. And also animal testing, of course, are a theme at the big corporations. Our selection shows vegan cosmetics that this approach to cosmetic products is unnecessary.

The active ingredients of the featured products are from natural substances and are thus not only ethically impeccable, but also better for the environment and your own skin. Allergies therefore in vegan cosmetics very rarely occur, since the ingredients are often very manageable and selected. Irritation have fewer opportunities, especially since there are also products that come out with an active ingredient. So, our editor Hanna recommends only coconut oil to the skin, hands, lips and hair care. The oil in organic quality should be raw (not heated) and can develop fully as its valuable ingredients. For on the road, it is possible to pour a little oil into a small glass themselves. Who has brittle hair should be to treat the tips and soak all night. Pure and simple natural cosmetics don’t go! Our editor Claudia recommends the mascara by Lavera.

It is manufactured without animal testing and animal ingredients and conjures up great effects. “Who is not of great” separate brands should take a look at the range of Paul Mitchell: most of the products are vegan. Only awapuhi wild gingerTM (keratin from sheep wool), the color lighten upTM and ultimate face (included Bee wax) are suitable for vegans. Vegans love: we have collected many more our service series in addition to these tips. See Vegans Love are: the Kosmetiklieblige of Germany is vegan editors to read. Similar contributions will be published as a service to our readers in the future. A visit to the website is worthwhile. Up-to-date on who wants to be fan should also”on Facebook or Google + are: Facebook: Deutschlandistvegan Google +: about Germany is vegan Germany is vegan was founded in November 2011, living vegan/vegetarian and vegan lifestyle to provide a platform for interested people. After three months, the portal can chalk up very high traffic. The editors of Germany is vegan living and working in whole Germany and even Austria. The goal is to test all vegan locations of the country and to make them known. In addition, contributions appear to the Vegan life, diet, news and product and company presentations.

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