Earth Year

To do this, you can replace incandescent bulbs to energy saving. In addition, environmentalists recommend buy a timer that allows you to turn off the lights at night or during his absence. In St. Petersburg at the weekend as Greenpeace activists took action for eco-friendly New Year's Eve. Organizers of the rally did Christmas tree with their hands out of old newspapers and plastic bottles, telling and showing everyone, how to make yourself a toy. Participants of the rally also urged not to buy friends and family with useless gifts, toys and similar candlesticks, and instead give energy-saving bulbs, water saving shower heads, friendly cleaners, refusing to desist from excessive packaging, immediately after the holiday turns into a litter. Here are just on what's best – an artificial or real Christmas tree, there was no single answer, because the production of artificial Christmas trees, too, is criticism from environmentalists.

New Year 2009 – the year of the Ox Earthen Only a few days left until the New Year – year 2009 will be held on the eastern zodiac sign for Taurus. Bull – a symbol of perseverance, soil fertility, rampant power, sample diligence. Because of its strength and fertility of bull was the object of worship in ancient religions. In the eyes of primitive men bull symbolized the vitality and male authority, though his interpretation of the symbolism is twofold. If his strength and courage admired, its stupid and pointless rage inspired superstitious horror. On the eastern calendar year 2009 is called the terrestrial (ground) Bull.

The name itself, the 'Year of the Earth's bull' already predicts that this year will be the mother – the Earth. This year will be 'productive' labor often persistent. During 2009, a man as an ox, will have to work the land, even in a figurative sense. According to astrological calculations, the New Year 2009 – Year of the Earth Ox will come only on Jan. 29, 2009. congratulates all its readers a Happy New Year and wishes of health to you and your family, prosperity and peace to your families, love, joy and confidence in the future, and, of course, only good environmental news in the New 2009 year!

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