Does God Answer Your Prayer?

God answers your prayer? By Serafin Alarcon “I will act according to your words: I’ve given you a wise and understanding heart, that she has not been before you, another you, neither after thee shall arise another like you.” 1Kings 03.12 Imagine if God I told you: “Ask what I give you … The list of things would be innumerable. But what would have asked you? When I talk to people about this issue are varied approaches. For example: If you talk to an inmate almost always concern and anguish revolved around while you still have to meet … So it does not surprise me when I say: “Pray to the Lord that can get out of here soon …

If you talk to someone who has spent thirty-curve has not yet married, you may pray for a husband or wife. If a law student, because to shift the revalidates etc … In short, many times our prayers are nothing but a reflection of our immediate psychosocial experience. Well, do not say that this good or bad this year, only I suspect that when our prayers not transcend and go beyond the immediate, make the practice of praying a distressing and belligerent. However, is there an ideal way to communicate with the Creator? If there is, and is called the prayer of faith. This is significant because his highest aspiration is not by itself by its content and intent. Solomon, God showed interest in something eternal in nature and not temporary … Asked for wisdom, wisdom from above.

The young king was dreaming and I might add an unbeatable offer: “Ask whatever you want … Request power and wealth were out of consideration, your request depicts a simple and humble heart, but yearning for wisdom. In a clear mind and free spirit of lightness and frivolity whatsoever. I am convinced that if our prayers every day more inclined towards God knows what is best for our lives, improve the quality of these fundamentally. If we understood that Christ sometimes not necessarily expect answers trying to show a higher purpose and sublime. In the Garden of Gethsemane, Jesus asked the father rid of things to come … What if it was possible other methods were used and yet … “Father, your will and not mine – concluded. The silence of that morning ceases when the mob arrives to arrest him. When you pray, reflect and think deeply about what is and should be a priority in our lives. Be patient, knowing that Christ was not subject to any whim of the ego. Yes, ask first recognizing that for God nothing is impossible. Pray as if we were talking with someone who actually listens to us. Naked soul and long for things high and not temporary .

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