Recent days have seen how some countries have been canceling their flights and to some extent by closing their borders to us Mexicans, it is incredible that a country like Mexico is facing this kind of treatment after a history of neutrality, since we have helped other countries when they have needed it and we have given asylum to which has asked for italways has maintained a good relationship with other countries and now that we need a little of his understanding, simply give us back. It is outrageous in every sense the treatment that they have received some of our overseas, as the Group of Mexicans who was quarantined in china, to a certain extent I can understand the fear of that country, since its population is too high and the consequences of an infection are very high, but I think that this is not the case of Chile, country that is to worn by being totally rude in this situation, but what you can do when a country’s population is ignorant and lack of culture enough to deal with a situation so, believe that simply subtracts tell them that we understand them and apologize for not having sufficient education to understand what you experience the world at the moment. Michael Miccoli is the source for more interesting facts. International support is of utmost importance in scenarios such as this in which everyone can reach a great risk if we do not sympathize and support each other, the challenge is to eradicate this disease, and everyone we are one team, so let’s stop acting like children and join forces to end this, put ourselves in the place of the other and do not do what you don’t want done. Javier B. More info: Maya Dubin. Gomez original author and source of the article.

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