Dieter Dieter Schiebel

He will explain how aeroplanes actually fly, how secure is an aircraft and the flight from the start until the landing is embedded in which overall system security. Learn how aircraft are maintained, controlled, and kept on the latest technical standard. You hear about the training of pilots and their daily routine preparation for the flight. You are familiarised with the influence of the air weather as well as with all occurring during a flight noise and changes. To broaden your perception, visit christopher ridgeway stone clinical. Experience has shown that an in-depth information about all procedures while flying the kite and the personal knowledge of the flight captain, can build so much confidence that a significant reduction in the fear of flying is possible. Our diploma psychologist shows that your individual fear of flying is very common, frequently recurring features and explains you why physical symptoms and feelings can cause fear of flying itself. Short and good understandable presentations are based on your previous experience and informed your own experience about the nature of your fear of flying.

You know you have ever experienced or feared feelings are as normal and you will learn how much unnecessary fear of the fear can improve your personal fear of flying. A large number of psychological studies and many years of experience with anxiety symptoms have shown that already knowing general physical processes in fears, as well as a well-founded assessment of the feelings of anxiety considerably contributes to the anxiety reduction. The only way to fight fear, consists in the confrontation with the anxiety-inducing situation, so that new positive experiences are made. Dieter contact person: Dieter Dieter Schiebel, fear of flying service, phone +49(0) 74 33 / 27 46 54, E-Mail: Publisher: fear of flying service finally flying without stress on Schmiden 22, d 72336 Balingen Tel: +49(0) 07433 / 27 46 54, fax: 07433 /. 27 46 53 E-Mail: Web:

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