Czech Frantiskovy Lazne

The earliest mention of the local mineral waters belong to the 12 century. Already in 1572 was made historically the first chemical analysis of the sources. After 50 years everywhere sounded the name of so-called 'Cheb '. In 1793, for Cheb initiative of Dr. Adler stated about the basis on the site of an ancient healing spring resort.

Some time later, the city was renamed in the resort of Emperor Franz (Czech counterpart – Frantisek). And the name of the city and now sounds like Frantsensbad or Czech Frantiskovy Lazne. The popularity of the resort town Frantsensbad acquired thanks to the unique composition of the sulfur-ferruginous mud and mineral springs used in treatment of gynecological diseases, as well as for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases and disorders of the musculoskeletal system. In total, there come to the surface twenty-four source with a high content of CO2 in abundance of saturated healing minerals. Frantiskovy Lazne is situated on a mountain valley at an altitude of 450m above sea level, it is decorated with true architectural masterpieces of classicism with the natural beauty. In the city almost completely absent industry. Having all of these above mentioned advantages certainly puts Frantiskovy Lazne on a pedestal most famous resorts in Europe.

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