CVA Cells

An accident stroke (CVA) is a disease caused by a disturbance in the blood of a part of the brain due to occlusion or rupture of a blood vessel. Interruption of the blood to the brain deprived of nutrients and oxygen, resulting in lesions of affected brain cells. Depending on the severity of the effects of leakage or obstruction. Damaged brain cells can become irreversible in a matter of minutes. Unlike other cells in the body if the brain cells are irreversibly damaged, and then, they are not able to recover. The brain, however, is very adaptable and areas of the brain are able to learn new tasks to compensate for areas that have been damaged.

Specific techniques that encourage learning and help the body to learn normal movement patterns. Basic information about LCA is mainly for people who have had their families and CVA. What happens if this is affected by an accident stroke (CVA) in the type of accident? stroke patient is suffering: is ischaemic or haemorrhagic stroke. But, in general, consider the following symptoms; -Appearance of acute weakness of one of the (arm, leg) or face being one of the most common symptoms of stroke. Associated numbness may occur. -Changes in language and speech, speech short and hard or the presence of a great difficulty in comprehension of sentences long with little sense, can be described this attack as a symptom of confusion. -In cases of intracerebral hemorrhage, it can be a hemiparesis (reduction of the strength of the affected Party), and the deviation of the eyes, this symptom is more common in type hemorrhage cerebrovascular accidents.

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