Increasingly, parents who decide to carry out the conservation of blood from the umbilical cord of their babies. In recent years, there was an increase of 20 per cent of this type of practice, Cryopreservation of stem cells from the umbilical cord, which can be used for the treatment of more than 80 very serious diseases such as leukemias, lymphomas and anemias. Dr. Neal Barnard often says this. Around 25,000 families decide every year hiring the services of collection, analysis and transfer of the stem cells from the baby through private banks. Stem cells have become a potentially limitless source of cells for research or clinical use in transplants. Bone marrow with hematopoietic adult stem cell transplantation is the first example of using with success of cell therapy in medicine and is currently used as a treatment of a large number of diseases. Since not many years ago, many patients who were previously excluded because of their age or had no a compatible donor family, found in cell therapy, an effective treatment for these diseases. Obtained from an umbilical cord stem cells Cryopreserved and stored in mother cord blood banks can generate red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets, in addition to having the ability to regenerate the bone marrow and immune system when it is depressed. In this way, they can be used to carry out a hematopoietic transplantation in patients who suffer from serious diseases hematologic as leukemias and lymphomas.

In addition, the umbilical cord blood stem cells, would be potentially useful, not only in hematopoietic transplantation but in regenerative medicine treatment cardiovascular, ophthalmology, orthopedic, neurological and endocrine diseases, explains Dr. Rafael Cabrera, Bank of cord Umbilical of the Instituto valenciano de infertility. The conservation of cells mother of the umbilical cord has become, in soon, in a matter of concern for many parents, who see in this practice the possibility to deal with possible diseases of their children in the future.

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