Conditions for Live Plants

In retail outlets, sells flowers, plants provide the right climate to him. Once the plant becomes accustomed to the new conditions of detention, sell it, and it is again subjected to stress. Even if delivery made him a comfortable environment, the creation of a familiar situation is impossible. Young and healthy flower is not as sensitive to changes in climate and other conditions of detention. Go tell all about colors possible, but most importantly to buy list is: once you have chosen a plant, ask about care (may have some specific nuances), note the appearance (the dried ends, sluggish, and sometimes twisted talk about the disease), as well as a variety of stains and plaque, leaves of the flower should be distributed evenly on all sides; flowering plants better to buy from undisclosed buds. By purchasing a flower, you have to take care of protect it from weathering, for example, in winter – from exposure to cold, rain and wind. If you do carry a plant (flower garden, home ), keep in mind that the back seat for them to be the best place in car, but do not try to place them in the trunk. It is more convenient to transport the plant by placing it in a cardboard box, and fill voids crumpled sheets of paper.

In situations where the plant has a large size, it is better to entrust bring his shop. In order for purchased plant acclimatized in your home, you will need a certain amount of time. Characteristics of the plant and equipment, where it is stored, define the interval time over which it can settle down under new conditions. It is necessary to make sure that the flower did not get the sun's rays, and that they are not standing in the blowing position. Temperature conditions should be stable, we must carefully to give the flower water required. Resetting the flowers and leaves indicates that plants need to be rearranged in a more convenient place for it. Almost all plants during acclimation to pritenyat from direct rays of the sun, with the exception of flowering pot plants, bought in the winter, such as azalea, cyclamen, chrysanthemum, who like well lit places. If you really do not know anything about its 'buy', it is very poor and especially for the flower. Flowers at home – this is an additional comfort and beauty, but it is worth spending a little of your time and fill this gap.

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