Cold Calling

So think, in the traditional system, you really are deciding for others what is good for them. Lee marks might disagree with that approach. I know that this is not the intention, but that's just what comes to mind of your prospects. Therefore, instead of being completely full of confidence and enthusiasm, stop a minute and think about the other person. Adopt a relaxed attitude in a conversation real instead of moving into a strategy of persuasion or selling your film. Put yourself in the shoes of your prospect, ask him to explore with you if what you are offering is what fits your needs The other, your prospects really distinguish the difference. All are invited to see if you could help them solve their problem. This improves the connection far right in the beginning and you will decrease the attitude of immediate rejection. Mistake number 3: When someone submit an objection, try to rebut it.

You know. One of the reasons why the cold call is so difficult is that most of the time you might not be very familiar with the other person and their business. When you make that first call, do not know much about your issues, problems, budget and your time constraints. Chances are that not everyone will benefit your product or service. Actually your company or product will not fit all people. Moreover, when someone has a objection ("we have no budget for this" etc.), in the traditional style of making cold calls he was trained to "overcome", "circumventing" or "disqualifying." But when you do that, the other person gets defensive. Some of what they have said has been neglected.

And just at this point that can occur suddenly rejection. Therefore it is much better to listen to their interests and continue exploring the possibility that what you offer makes sense for them. There are some wonderful phrases you can use to validate their point of view without closing the conversation. Finally now you have discovered three major mistakes that people make most often when cold calling parties. See if you can get away from those old styles that self sabotage. When you do this, you will realize that people will engage with you more, and immediate rejection with which you have grown so used to happen much less. Juan Cabrera Bravo

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