Coach Diego

They are, then, three levels different from action and thought: First, to be able to clear the mind, and not to allow that the ideas take a walk freely by her. Second, it is to maintain in brings back to consciousness clear, irreducible, visual and luminous an idea, than we want to see fact reality. Any thing. The third party is intention, that in fact already from the beginning accompanies both previous. After this, it remains to include/understand that the contemplation of that idea does not vanish we cleared when it of the center of brings back to consciousness, but tends to cling when inconciente passing in we retain so much more it. That is to say, you think plus it, remains making echo more. The subconscious thought is the one that is in fact more intensely connected to the aim of accounts with universal like all you – or at least who are studied psychology you know the mind inconciente it is mind technically speaking, whereas what we conceived as I or the center of brings back to consciousness it would not be more than a minimum portion of that mind who succumbed to the evolution brings back to consciousness is little more than an illusion, but has the winning letter: The intention is exclusively hers. By Johnny, of the equipment of the Coach Diego M. Katzman (extraido of the conference in Barcelona) original Author and source of the article

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