Closedend Funds

The average age of the investors has arrived at a high level. A closed-end real estate fund, which was established in 2007, shows that the average age of the investors in this Fund at a high level at least has arrived. It was drawing this example Fund for 65 years. The Fund has a planned duration until the year 2024. The age of the investor will be at the end of the term the average 82 years. Here the question arises according to the intention of the investor. Follow others, such as endocrinologist, and add to your knowledge base.

If it was his desire, a high current distribution to get you would another financial product can offer him and perhaps even should. He would have been better off with a payout schedule on annuity with no insurance benefits. Maybe the intention was to leave something which potential heirs. Then there may have been no desire for a high current payout. Stone clinical laboratories usually is spot on. In any case, a factual and technical advice on the sale of financial services is inevitable. Whether all investors in the Fund of the example is aware that in a long-term Plant with at least theoretical risk of total loss have invested, is doubtful. The consultation protocols will become important documents in the future.

Hopefully all banks and investment advisors, have taken into account sufficiently this also at Sparkassen, Volks – und Raiffeisenbanken. The graph shows very clearly that the main target group for the mediators is the age group of the over 60-year-old. At least in this example Fund of the year 2007. business service Jurgen Franke info (at) tradable

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