Cleansing Skin

Asked if you ever yourself: What do you need my skin? I will answer honestly: No, to a certain point. And I enjoyed all cosmetics in a row without discrimination. Until I realized that the skin of the face of concern and this should to do something. I started with a hike to the beautician. I found out what type of skin, the cause and source of my problems. Read a lot of interesting literature and received a positive result. In a previous article I told you, "How determine the type of skin. " Now let me share with you how to properly care for the face? Why are so many cosmetic and "what they eat?" Cleansing.

Of cosmetic and aesthetic considerations skin to be cleared at least two and no more than three times a day. Frequent cleansing with cosmetics can cause irritation or increased secretion of the sebaceous glands. As detergents are best applied special lotions, creams, gels, plain soap use is not necessary. Never go to bed with makeup residue and dirt on his face. That night is recovery rate of tissue and skin to breathe freely. Makeup Remover use special creams and emulsions. Water, soap and soap creams can not fully withdraw from your skin, cosmetic oils, pigments and parafin.Tonizirovanie. Tonic to help remove the remains of the face and neck cleaning creams, makeup and dirt. They leave a sense of coolness and freshness. They also can be used without prior purification procedures, for example, in the middle of the day if you want to tweak the make-up or simply freshen up the face.

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