First of all, I have discovered a new product – "Imperial Chronopuncture. " From a business perspective, primarily affects the potential amount of products covered by the market. Program for treatment and prevention of diabetes, prostatitis, depression, post-traumatic stress syndrome, insomnia, increased libido and potency (by the way, designed for both men and women), prevention of age-related changes or program life extension, prevention of osteoporosis. Each of these programs can qualify for a multibillion-dollar market potential. And, according to information I found online, it is only a small part of what the company intends to offer to the market. By the way, inspires confidence, not only the volume proposed products, but also a serious professional literature about the method ("Theoretical background of the method chronopuncture Imperial"), as well as partner companies – developers of complex medical equipment, such as a company Medispec, are developing some hardware additions to the method.

By the way, the volume of products offered, and declared the application confusing, just as long as you do not understand on what This method is based. And it is based on some hidden until our time, the secrets of Chinese medicine, which really treats a wide spectrum of different diseases. What are these secrets? The Internet has a lot of information, and the above-mentioned book, apparently, reveals some of the veil. But the main thing for the person involved in business – how the product works for the consumer and how it is accessible and convenient, and, of course, is interesting.

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