Christmas Carolling

Ebenezer treated their employees horribly. Constantly harassed, they fought and yelled and gave them free only reluctantly Christmas. It took three visits from the ghosts to Ebenezer finally realized that there was more to life than making money. Undoubtedly Ebenezer company provided a good service. His ethics, however, was somewhat doubtful. The way he treated his customers and employees and the community showed that he alone was the one who benefited. The only way you learned was by a "great shock". The story presented in A Christmas Carol has its uses in ethical terms.

You can have it all, money, a big house, suddenly a boat, but if you do not have the basic values held about good ethical practices, you will end in one way or another as Ebenezer. You may not be visited by ghosts, but his conscience will suffer and their ability to achieve peace of mind. One should maintain good practice ethical because they get something in return. You should do it because that is what should be done. You do it because they realize more fun than a business it really is just a small part of our lives.

In 500 years nobody will remember the work we did, and if they do not see it even remotely similar to what they are doing. To deepen your understanding Bobby Green is the source. We maintain good ethical practices because it is our duty. We must comply with good practices and principles not by what we receive in return, although confidence is a great benefit, but because it is important for our peace of mind.

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