Then as to deny something that seems undeniable our mind? This is a good question, the important one is you to know that a person not to desire something that you wanted that it did not desire you she has that to work this image in the head of it, we go again to an example: it knows the strawberry ice cream, we go to try to change this new event for one different perception …………………. we go to a new I dialogue ……. ours as this cold today, I do not know if I absorb an ice cream or volume a hot chocolate, what you find more good in this tremendous cold, right now I passed in front of a bakery and there it had a poster saying that it had creamy chocolate hot, ours that will that I was to take this chocolate hot, to feel the taste of the chocolate in an ideal temperature to feel a little to me warmer …………. accepted you to take one with me? It notices that I deviated all attention of the person for an opposing subject what the desire that the person does not remember, I forced a great importance to the hot chocolate, that is, the person stops to think about strawberry and in the ice cream why is better at the moment to take a beautiful chocolate thus hot and I obtain for some time seduziz to make it what I desire.

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