Chevrolet Tornado

Nobody said that small is synonymous with weak. And the new Chevrolet Tornado 09 is a clear example of this. This pickup is designed in the economy and its low cost of maintenance, as well as its efficiency and power in hard work. So much so that as you can use it for hard, also for the day to day work, since the design is stylish and sturdy at the same time, combining versatility with sportsmanship. These and other features make the Chevrolet Tornado 09 stronger competition in the area of small pick-ups; Since thought it not as girl truck, but as a large.

Among its features its hooks drag can be found in the front and behind, its tinted Windows, its side holding the boxed hooks for any type of things that you should take. Moreover his side steps, designed to facilitate access to the box. Its interior design is not unimportant, since it has bucket seats with headboards and adjustable backrests, as well as the MaxCab concept, which offers a great space and comfort inside. Among others of its qualities is its three-arm handwheel, and your detector and digital clock outdoor temperature. No more afternoon, don’t waste time thinking about other options because you will not find one that can overtake whatever to the Chevrolet Tornado 09.

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