That is the cellulite? Under the skin is connective tissue filaments that connect the fat and muscle to skin. Since fat is very soft, not keeps taut the skin how do muscles. It also has more space, causing it to protrude as a mattress stuffing and this is what makes to appear on the skin as small bumps, in other words, call it commonly Orange skin. Women also tend to store most of their body fat in hips, thighs and buttocks, where the skin is thinner and more flexible than normal skin. This makes the Orange skin much more visible. The body of the man tends to deposit fat in the region of the stomach instead of the lower part of the body. As you can see, there is nothing abnormal in the cellulite in comparison to regular fat. The only reason why it is more visible in these areas in particular, is the location of body fat and the thickness of the skin.

Unfortunately, even some women with fat levels body ideal, suffer from cellulite. That is because there are multiple factors that contribute to the appearance of cellulite. Have you ever noticed that cellulite or even 30 years ago was one minor problem? There are several environmental factors in the modern world that made of cellulite a growing problem for women. However, this has also helped to identify the causes of cellulite, and how you can stop. That cause cellulite? Genetics the lack of the appropriate type of exercise the excessive production of estrogen sedentary lifestyle hormonal changes and the excess of consumption of the wrong foods how get rid of it? First, it reinforces and strengthens the problem areas using a program of combined exercises oriented to cellulite.

This only takes a few minutes per day, and is very easy. It does not require intense cardiovascular exercise! You must make some adjustments in your diet and its accessories, very especifios and extremely simple to help modify the composition his body, regulate harmful hormones, and stretch the skin. This helps to tone up muscles and skin, reconstruct damaged tissue, and to increase the production of collagen. Weight loss is not required! It is important to note that cellulite is less of one problem in certain parts of the world in comparison with others. This is due to specific hormonal influences that affect the storage of fat and separate the collagen fibers. If you are one of those many women suffer from cellulite and realized by expired by descononcer of the tools to eliminate cellulite is on time with this ebook you will learn what are and what you can do to combat hormonal problems and keep his body prevented against cellulite. This helps to repair and strengthen damaged skin tissue and increase the production of collagen. In addition, it also includes some secret tricks to tighten thighs and buttocks without any exercise or diet! No kidding! This is something that you won’t find anywhere else place!

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