Endurance is the national sport number 1 in Germany in addition to the traditional sports is the most famous sport of endurance sports, where there are a wide range of variations. These go by rowing, cycling up to continuous operation. In the context of the endurance sports it’s, that the athletes very long a permanently constant strain, and again can regenerate its willingness in a very short time. This means that the endurance is trained differently than traditional sports. First of all, it is to distinguish that there is an anaerobic and aerobic training. Anaerobic training has resulted in that the athletes consumed more oxygen, as he actually do to his body by breathing. Shortness of breath is a sign that an athlete is anaerobically. If the athlete is in an aerobic, it consumes as much oxygen as it absorbs through breathing. This is the optimal solution for endurance athletes. This is the optimal loading of the Cardiovascular cause. In addition, there are various training opportunities as endurance training should be designed. First of all, there is the endurance training method. The endurance training method is the most famous, where the athletes under a consistent load very long trains. It is necessary that this strain continues at least 45 min, so that results can be achieved. In addition to this endurance training method, there is the interval method. The interval method is most people known already from the school. This method is an endurance training, whereby the body first over the long term is subjected to low stress and then only a short period of time running in the change of a high load. Where an excess of oxygen offered first the body, while he builds up an oxygen debt at high intensity. This interaction causes, that improves the endurance sports performance. The other methods of training are the repetition method, and the Cross training method. The repetition method, high but brief loads carried in the long term. With a very long break is stated at the end of this burden. This ultimately also leads to an improvement in endurance performance. The method of cross training is a new type of training, which aims, that is the athlete in any other sport, which activates new training incentives. Overall, however every athlete should produce a certain endurance level, since this is required in almost every sport.

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