Cardiovascular Problems

Orthomolecular nutrition may contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of geriatric pet. Aging may cause alterations on all systems of the body, not being exempt from this cardiovascular system and central nervous system. These in turn, can cause effect directly or indirectly on the behaviour of our pets. Cognitive dysfunction and dementia senilson problems due to the deterioration of mental function. The cause is brain aging. Through the administration of appropriate nutrients we can support the geriatric animal suffering may be already some of the typical processes of this stage. The most frequent symptoms of senile dementia are: spatial disorientation, disorientation temporary (changing sleep wakefulness cycles, barking calling exit or require food or get to play at unusual times), alteration of the learnings, difficulty to identify known persons: cease to rejoice when they see someone who appreciate. In this type of patient is recommended to increase the amount mental stimulation strengthening the learned orders, for example, do sit before giving him his food, or play to bring us his ball or favorite toy.

The increase in exercise within its possibilities can also slow the progression of disease. In addition, within the orthomolecular therapy, products containing white Hawthorn and Q10, as Regulus (Animo Complexe) and those containing plant extracts that activate the cerebral circulation (Vinca minor) and learning (Huperzia serrata), as dynamic (another mood Complexe) are used to achieve an improvement, provided are accompanied by the necessary stimuli to help the greater dog to participate in family life. Examples for the use of this 1 orthomolecular therapy) the aftermath of A.V.C. (cerebral vascular accident) and ischemia will help with Dynamic, Omega 3, Neuro. (2) In senile animals is recommended to provide Dynamic. (3) In heart problems, in addition to the classical therapeutic, the Regulus is very useful.

(4) Regulating is used alone in cases breeds of risk and in case of geriatric animals. For example, dilated cardiomyopathy is more frequent in for giant breeds and cats Siamese, Burmese and Abyssinian; aortic stenosis is much more frequent in dogs Boxer and Golden Retriever breed and the mitral endocardiosis occurs with higher incidence in small breed dogs. Thus for the CARDIO VASCULAR system products that may be useful are: Dynamic and Regulus (besides Neuro, SuperOmega 3, essential protection). Dynamic acts at the systemic level and especially in the brain. Serves: animals of advanced age or who have suffered a stroke. I Regulus acts at heart and systemic level. Serves: animals of advanced age and a complement of all cardiac Therapeutics. It is used for treatment of cardiac arrhythmia, muscle weakness, and tachycardia.

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