Canine Geneology

Group of shepherds, in Keller, comes from the Indian wolf, which in the early twentieth century was considered a separate species, but is now classified as a small subspecies of gray wolf. Center of origin of hounds, a very old group, is in ancient Egypt. Hounds are mentioned in the times of the Old Kingdom, when they were used to hunt antelope. Progenitor of greyhounds Keller calls the Ethiopian jackal – a slender, long-legged and very dlinnomordogo animal of average size. Keller also mentions that the Egyptians kept tame gienovyh dogs, excellent endurance runners and hunters at various antelope.

Traced a number of greyhounds to a typical hound dog. In ancient Egypt is a picture of the old dog like a dachshund, but with erect ears. In other ancient civilizations of the world – Sumerian, Babylonian found very early evidence the existence of dogs. Chronicles mention the existence of dogs over 4 thousand years BC. er. Most authors derive all mastiff similar dogs from the Tibetan mastiff, which is thought in turn is derived from the Tibetan wolf. At present, Tibetan wolf died out completely, it was a beast, like an ordinary wolf, only the black color and denser constitution.

Tibetan Mastiff – a very large dog "as big as a donkey," as described her in 1300 Marco Polo. Dog used for hunting wild bulls. In recent years, the resolution of the origin of dogs has advanced considerably. Based on the achievements of modern science, especially genetics, Many scholars believe that despite all the diversity of dogs, they evolved from a single volkoobraznogo ancestor, from which, by the divergence and divergence of branches occurred on the one hand the dog, but on the other – Wolves in their present form.

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