By The Smoker To Smoking By Laser

Pain-free smoking cessation in the specialist Institute Humanto Neuss soft laser treatments are pain-free, absolutely no side effects and act quickly. With the soft laser on effect works the quit smoking easily and relaxed. For more than 20 years, this type of treatment is used successfully in the United States, Canada. In the Netherlands it is even so much convinced that the health insurance companies pay for this method. Similar to acupuncture, the 90 minute long soft laser application works. There is only the difference that instead of painful needles safe laser light is used. Thus, various body and ear points are stimulated.

As a result, the desire for nicotine will disappear. The remarkable success rate is 80-90% of the soft laser smoking cessation. But still, the customer has the opportunity to receive two free treatments, if he so wishes. The highlight for the offer: adverse effects of withdrawal, such as nervousness, irritability and concentration problems remain almost always. Please note the ongoing Voucher and discount campaigns in Humanto-Fachinstitut Neuss book you now online or by phone your appointment!

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