Burn Fat Quickly

Burn fat without losing muscle mass can be very difficult. Just because your approach is totally wrong. The concept of these bodybuilders frustrate many and only some can achieve low percentages of body fat without losing anything of his muscle mass. These tips are to help you achieve exactly that, how to burn fat quickly and preserve your muscle mass. 1) Reduce the total intake of calories for example, if you keep your current body weight of 2500 calories a day, then reduciras to 200 calories starting your first week. It monitors your progress and adjusts your calorie intake consistently week to week, while you’re at your stage of fat loss. Never lose more than 1 to 2 pounds per week, if you lose more likely that you’re also losing muscle mass.

Once empiezes to lose weight reduce to 200 calories more. (2) For each 1 gram of carbohydrates removed, adds 1 gram of protein as explained in # 1 to reduce your total calorie intake, now recommends reducing your consumption of carbohydrates and increase your protein intake, while you burn fat. I’m not saying that you cutting carbohydrates completely since you still need them and this will lead you to failure. The reason for this increase in protein now is which will help you to burn fat and maintain your new weight, due to something called food Thermogenesis (also known as the thermal effect of food). (3) HIT (high intensity cardio) this form of cardiovascular exercise is very effective by the use of fat as the main fuel. A way how to lose kilos is to use a very effective form of cardiovascular exercise called HIT (high intensity training). You have to run during, say, 50 seconds and vajata intensity for 10 seconds and then repeat at intervals. It begins with perhaps only 8 intervals when you do it for the first time since it is very difficult.

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