Building Insurance Often Not Sufficient In Natural Disasters & Weather Extremen

Tornado, earthquake, floods occur more and more frequently. Erdbeeben in the Black Forest, Tornado at Schwerin, uprooted trees and roofs covered by a cyclone near Berlin and Cologne and all about within one month. What sounds like a doomsday scenario actually is reality. The remnants of the forces of nature not rarely go into the millions. Probably the one who has not built his house on sand and knows his flock in the dry. Tornado reports not only from the United States must come, but hurricanes also own doorstep can do mischief, is widely known recently.

Mother raged out is nature a week ago in a village not far from Berlin and most recently last Sunday in Cologne, Germany. The cyclone in Werneuchen, near the capital, swept away at over 200 km/h on the place and ripped roof tiles, barn parts and trees with it. Fortunately, no people were injured. The residents in their homes have fled in the face of the approaching tornado. In Cologne, there was similar.

Trees buckled around like matchsticks. Roof tiles were in the hands of the wind to bullets, which caused major damage. The cleanup will however require a lot of power and money. Who is properly insured, has at least the consolation, not even yet having to bear the costs. It is also strongly recommended to each owner of your own home. The whims of nature can easily ruin an existence. But the old building insurance provides only for storm, fire and lightning and hail and water damage. Who thinks that more dangers should not be secured because the probability is too low, which is wrong. The vagaries of the weather are not uncommon in this country. And Germany is not immune from natural disasters. Are soon memories of the Elbe flood, the flood of ‘ 76 or the snow chaos of the winter ‘ 78 / 79 awake.

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