Botox Rejuvenation

Contour or mesotherapy, face lift, or circular sewing "golden thread" – each client Beauty Institute selects the most appropriate methods of rejuvenation to him, after conducting special studies and association consulting your doctor. Rating, which was presented by independent experts rejuvenation market segment, is impressive. One effective way of rejuvenating a circular face lift, which allows significantly improve and rejuvenate the skin, but the swelling can go on for months, and in patients with the hyper-sensitive skin, high probability of occurrence of pigment spots, which disappear on their own through six months, finally. Mesotherapy – contour plastic, can improve the shape of the face with a specially designed drugs, which include in its membership Botox, Dysport, Restylane, and others, which are defined specialists generic name – bio-gel. Mesotherapy is performed using special fine needles when in trouble spots on the skin or locally produced point injections. The skin takes on a young, fresh and neat appearance.

Side effects may be itching and redness or paleness of skin excess. One popular method is also when the skin are special cocktails, which are chosen individually for each patient. The method is considered safe, the recovery period lasts up to a week, but sometimes the results of this input method is slightly lower than the other methods of rejuvenation. Photorejuvenation – a method that consider this a harbinger of future painless and effective cosmetology. The basis of the method – pulsed light penetration into the skin, but the procedure is painful and can be accompanied by the appearance of burns. In addition, there are certain limitations associated with patient exposure to the sun for a long time. The method of reinforcement of golden threads is based on creating a kind of framework, which captures strictly adipose tissue and does not spread further wrinkles.

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