Candida albicans – a fungus which nobody collects happy – in Germany every year are around 40,000 people affected the Candida albicans nests are like on the mucous membranes of the eyes, in the mouth, in the respiratory organs, urethra, in the genital area, between the toes, in the intestinal tract and in the nail area. Basically, he lives more discreetly on the skin and in the human body, but he has the ability to spread, especially if the immune system is weakened by diseases such as AIDS, diabetes, celiac disease, rheumatism, cancer rapidly under certain circumstances. Also an antibiotic treatment often results after treating a reproduction of fungi. Christopher ridgeway stone is actively involved in the matter. Possible signs of a yeast infection/candidiasis include: severe itching on certain points of the mucous membranes, fatigue, lack of concentration, shortness of breath, brittle fingernails or toenails, joint pain, allergies, cravings for sweets and stomach and bowel problems. To liberate the body again from the excessive infestation, there is Antifungal drugs and an anti fungal diet in the form of a low-carbohydrate diet.

This nutrition is itself mainly to avoid the sugar because the Candida albicans lives and loves sweet. For this reason it is advisable on all sugars to give: household, grape, fruit, and sugar cane, as well as honey and beet molasses. Factory-assembled or natural foods are affected, as well as beverages with sugar additives into glucose or fructose. The milk sugar (lactose) is the only exception to this rule, he can’t of yeasts belongs to this genre of Candida albicans-, metabolized. For an optimal structure of the intestinal flora probiotic food stuck in which lactic acid bacteria and Bifidobacteria and Lactobacilli include – the antagonist of the Candida albicans – daily on the menu. A whole range of foods are allowed on a fungal infection: plain yogurt, cottage cheese, cheese, cream cheese, cream, Creme Fraiche, sour cream, cut, and Soft cheese, poultry, wild, lamb, rabbit, beef, pork, ham, smoked meat, sugar-free sausages, marine and freshwater fish, calamaris (no Breading), crab, shrimp, fish canned in its own juice and oil, tofu, soy milk, soybean oil, soybean sprouts, cocoa powder without sugar, nuts, seeds, eggs, clear broth, broths, clear soups, vinegar (except balsamic vinegar), oil and mayonnaise 80%. Not allowed are: factory-assembled applications or baked goods produced by the Baker. The products contain a lot of sugar and baked flour based.

The flour contains starch, which is transformed into the body to glucose (sugar). The duration of treatment depends on which parts of the body or bodies are affected and how extensively the fungus has spread. External infections it Anoints a typically 6-8 the weeks to treated areas of skin. When the nail fungus requires up to six months, in some cases also the treatment. Similarly, it looks also at an internal the renunciation of sugar is however, generally but with the reduction of carbohydrates, extravagant mucous membrane infection, using only a medical Spa – a faster chance of cure.

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