BEST GmbH – 5 Years Webinars

The has in the further education sector are multiplying in recent months. Trainer and advanced trainers and staff developers recognize that tutor-led webinars can be useful additions in further education programs. The BEST sales GmbH has already begun in 2005, to add courses to the training with webinars and could develop a good expertise in the area of Webinardurchfuhrung in the last 5 years. Webinars, presentations, which are brought before an online audience and linguistically supplemented using a Collobration server, not simply are power point. The creation of webinars requires a pedagogical and didactic design and must be so that the participants on the other side are enabled. Task of the tutor must be to stimulate lively discussions and to generate power at any time. This is the integration of Pollings, question-answer games, etc. \”We have now a year more about 3500 Web in way Express employees with strongly growing trend\”, Bernd Stelzer, reported Managing Director of BEST GmbH.

If just two years ago, the individual webinars with 8-10 participants were occupied, so has doubled today the number. If you would like to know more then you should visit Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City. As the number of participants grows, it is all the more important that individual participants can cause your questions via chat on the tutor, others see the questions without having to. This takes inhibitions and makes active participants\”. According to Bernd Stelzer, Webinars offer the advantage of making knowledge attractive, efficiently and cost-effectively. Following seminars come out with significantly less knowledge input and can be carried much plot systematic. Of BEST GmbH, participants can work after all webinars on a dedicated learning platform. Who would like to perform meaningful skills building training, must know that webinars are limited to build knowledge and there is always additional seminars with a high proportion of kompetenbildender methods\”, says Bernd Stelzer. More information about the training Get Sales Manager & trainer of best GmbH. The BEST sales consulting GmbH was founded in 1992 by Bernd Stelzer and developed a concept for the training \”Expert advisers in the field (IHK)\” as the first provider.

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