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Bellevue and more caught E.k.. Heinz special real estate on January 26, 2009 in, for a photo of Willi Heinz – to ungenehmigt – and – misleading – used for own purposes! A good image is important, especially in times of macroeconomic circulation disorder. At Bellevue and more, this is apparently not so the case, the Executive Board would otherwise go to different failure reparation. Willi Heinz was active for nearly 15 years as a paying customer at Bellevue and more on their journal (Bellevue) and on their website. Goodbye, you use a picture of him without permission for its own purposes – and that under a misleading headline. Facts: Willi Heinz, the owner of special real estate Heinz E.k.., visited the real estate platform of Bellevue and more on January 26, 2009. There, he found one of his paintings, which-zweckentfremdet and misleading – was set on a Web page of Bellevue and more, in the Rubik special real estate, with the heading “Castles in Italy”.

-From Bellevue and more even on their own website. In fact This image but a castle in Germany, shows the special real estate company Heinz.e.K. has to give. The real reason was the not explainable inflating of his kneeboard for its Internet search volume. Willi Heinz initially suspected that the zweckentfremdete image, the cause of Bellevue o.g.

– AWOL – would be and at Bellevue and more, asked whether Bellevue and more never would have heard of intellectual property rights, data protection and the unfair competition act? Result: The Geschaftsfurerin of Bellevue and more – unsolicited – issued a cease and desist commitment on the 04.02.2009 and offered reparations Euro 50,. She wanted to pay this compensation determined by their Blvd. on the known account of special real estate Heinz E.k… The account is known at Bellevue, as Willi Heinz had been for over 15 years-paying customer. Special real estate Heinz E.k.. had terminated the contract with Bellevue and more in 2008. The initial suspicion by Willi Heinz, his image would presented using a Hotlinks from Bellevue, was with the Assertion – Bellevue would link the object photos on their own server – counter appeared. Willi Heinz still want no 50,-euro as compensation. He wants that on the same site of Bellevue with the title heading of special real estate, now instead of his distant Castle image, his picture of his Selbstvermarktungssercice is placed, see Figure 1 rejects Bellevue and more. Special real estate Heinz E.k.. will now ask for legal help, and this public report. It takes years to establish itself with a company on the market. A good name is priceless but just at the present time. Why Bellevue and more no great importance attaches to a good image, refer to a quote from WiKipedia it is unintelligible, merely thought: the behavior of the employees belong to the corporate behavior (CB) as a corporate culture with each other, towards customers and suppliers, partners and the public. Corporate behaviour is reflected among other things in the leadership in the tone, in the criticism. But also at the micro level, the CB plays an essential role when it comes to the behavior of individual members of the company. For more specific information, check out patrick dwyer merrill lynch. Should be countered the decline in good manners, especially since – as in this case, if they even almost nothing cost one. Therefore the referral marketing for us is also cash worth.-There is hardly a more effective and efficient marketing tool!

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