Attention Deficit Disorder

Probably your son or your student is suffering from: Attention Deficit Disorder In recent years, much has been talked about Attention Deficit Disorder, known by its acronym, like: ADHD. It refers to a condition that is characterized by impulsive behavior, disorganized, prone to inattention and hyperactivity. AD-H, can appear with or without hyperactivity. Usually detected at school, and has various manifestations, that surely the parents or teachers, have already observed, such as those listed below: The memory in the short and long term. Thinking skills. Sustained attention. Working by objectives and tasks This conclusion is as certain skills, however, in regard to its observable behavior, we can name a few, which are described below: The child does not finish his homework. Has trouble following directions, at times seems to not listen, and also presents problems in the organization of work, generally not follow an order.

At the same time, objects lose their job. Make the same mistakes over and over again, as if they could learn and modify their behavior through learning. But how can we realize if a child is hyperactive? They are children who can not sit still seem whirlwinds constantly squirming in his chair. His hands and feet are in constant motion. They find it hard to keep silent while working.

Constantly distracted by their classmates, and constantly interrupt other conversations. And how I can tell if a child shows impulsive behavior? In general, children who are impulsive, they respond without thinking or understanding what they are asked, and are always ready for action. This type of behavior is observed, which can not wait for their turn in line.

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