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Each space-door is composed for one vnula and an arteriole (branches of the vein carry and the heptica artery, respectively), one ducto biliary, lymphatic vases and nerves. This set is surrounded by a fabric layer conjunctive, continuous with the capsule of Glisson, that receives the name from limitante plate. The space-door also can receive the name from triad carries, therefore its predominant structures are vnula, the arteriole and ducto biliary. Of the triad, the blood crosses the limitante plate through controlled canals for sphincter. These canals unload the blood in a net of capillaries called sinusoidal. 2 CIRRHOSIS HEPTICA ALCOLICA 2,1 CONCEPT OF ALCOHOLIC CIRRHOSIS HEPTICA the alcoholic heptica cirrhosis is a chronic pathology of the liver which if histologicamente characterizes for the substitution of the fabric normal heptico for presence of fibrose and diffuse formations nodulares, which breaches its structure disorganizing its architecture to lobular and vascular of the agency. To the measure that the fabric of the necrosa liver, it goes evolving for one fibrose, modifying the structure and the normal vascularizao of the liver, reducing the sanguineous and lymphatic flow, and finally, takes the heptica insufficience (BERTELLI, CONCI, 2001).

Ferr and Sancho (2003) emphasize that normally the alcoholic heptica cirrhosis is provoked by the continued alcohol ingestion, more also can be caused had to others substantiate toxic. 2,2 INCIDENCE OF ALCOHOLIC CIRRHOSIS HEPTICA a bigger number two times of men is affected in relation the women, even so these is in bigger risk to develop alcoholic heptica cirrhosis. The cirrhotic patients are between 40 and 60 years of age. In the state of So Paulo, the illnesses of the liver are the second cause of death between men of 35 the 59 years, being that, 10% of the death cases are due to alcoholic heptica cirrhosis (RUBIN, FARBER, 2008). As Rabelo and Rangel (2007), data current already they are enough to go off an alarm. More information is housed here: Senator Elizabeth Warren.

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