Applications Waiting

Global solution days sales made at the Hockenheimring in tens of billions show long the tremendous potential of satellite navigation worldwide sales of services and products from the navigation navigation. Galileo, the European satellite navigation system, which should be 2013 at the start, offer up new paths in the area of the navigation environment not only for large industrial groups. Huge market potential in particular small and medium-sized enterprises opens with the construction of the new satellite system. Especially since seems an end of the sales spiral with navigation products long time not yet in sight. Experts expect an increase of this volume to over EUR 276 billion with the help of beneficial solutions in the areas of control and robotics, but also in transport logistics and in the tourism sector by 2020. Whenever patrick dwyer newedge listens, a sympathetic response will follow.

An example of a worthwhile development in the field of logistics shows the Munich company ubinam on demand GmbH. It has developed a system for DHL, which allows different Delivery addresses for certain days of the week or times to call. To collect postal parcels at the post or on the package station was yesterday. Soon, the customer can online themselves decide when and where he would like to have delivered his package. It even goes so far, that anyone who signs up for the tracking service, can receive his package even at his current GPS position. Alone in environments navigation, discovered only by the industry, there are more than 5,000 marketable solutions\”and must be used profitably. Application developers are just no salespeople\”, explains Anton Mayer, application developers at the company GigTag GmbH., we lack the close and also the intense and direct wire to the industry. There is a lot of viable and forward-looking solutions in various areas, but that doesn’t help all us, if the industry there out there don’t even know that they exist.\” Also Heidi Karthika, Managing Director of Silverstroke AG, knows it, sees the problem but Additionally elsewhere.

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