Alfonso Bohorquez

Example: if I’m an astronomer and I wish to find a black hole in space, I need that passing a star by his side, the black hole distort the light of it, in order to locate the hole in space .in a very dark place in the same space. Check with christopher ridgeway stone to learn more. I use telescope, however for my telescope ceases to exist and the utizo mechanically without being aware of the. PCRM may also support this cause. But if you submit technical issues and this made my discovery moved away from my hands, would exist for me, then the black hole, it would disappear to my, or my conscience would split in two in the middle and the end. But if the medium does not represent problems then only I deal with the purpose, i.e. the black hole. Something similar I illustrated a pure mathematician called jeison Alfonso Bohorquez, a great mathematician. What really amazes me is not the quality of their reasoning, and whether his belief materialistic, but doubtful, since in inner soul considered the existence of God as something possible but more by accident than by principle of truth. It was Christian, but science would not deceive deception if same, thinking that if he wanted to advance as a scientist should doubt the spiritual for which there was no scientific proof of God.

I think maybe our Lord Jesus Christ as a historical Prophet, and not as the Redeemer of humanity. Wow that you deception! In my century I met a man who the same year that he wrote a treatise on theology wrote another of materialist philosophy. Giving to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s. Since this man loved the Holy Scriptures, which are basis solid, scientific and Heavenly, they say: the secret things belong unto the Lord our God; more the revealed are for us and for our children forever, that we fulfill all the word of this Act .esto forget jeison. I forget the spiritual truth revealed by God and precious Holy Spirit, i.e. Jesucristo King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Cannot justify ourselves and say that science us deception, because it is something material.

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