Advertising Beauty

Now among the centers of beauty is perceptible competition, which is constantly becoming more and more significant problem for their owners. How did stand out, to lure the flow of visitors to himself? The first is emphasize that the owners of salons are 2 main ways – to develop a competitive advantage actually inside the studio and do outdoor advertising. Should not be entirely to focus on one direction, the improvement interior should be done simultaneously in both directions. A couple of years ago it was possible to lure a significant number of customers exclusively through discounts, but now the competition is already too large for everything to be so easily. We consider each approach separately. For example, the internal benefits of close, within two or three quarters, opened two beauty – not such a rare situation. At first glance, it seems if they have the same competitiveness: the same prices, a focus on the same circle of clients, approximately the same level of work, drawing on the level. However, one of the shops has a much higher monthly income, although the potential flow of new visitors is the same.

What's the secret? Qualitatively constructed price – visitors can see that just for a small additional charge they will be a nice addition to the original service. As a result, the total amount on the check increases. The talented and charismatic administrator who is well aware what to say and how to conduct themselves in this. Thanks to him more and more new visitors to become permanent.

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