40 years ago the school of writing founded Germany’s Hamburg the first author school, February 19, 2009 – the school of writing celebrates its 40th birthday this year. Started as a pioneer four decades ago, the school of writing is one of the largest and best-known writing institutes in German-speaking countries today. With the Institute for the promotion and education of writer scientists”, the foundation stone for the writing Institute was laid in 1969 (in Hamburg). Among the authors and study guides, names like Dr. Sybill find Grafin Schonfeldt, the famous television writer Robert Stromberger and Luis Trenker.

The idea that writing a craft and thus to learn is, was revolutionary at the time. Writing has long been regarded as a talent that you either had or not. If you are not convinced, visit Taylor Zakhar Perez. Other than an actor who was acting school or a painter who attended the Academy of fine arts, by the writer expected, be profession without dominating systematic training. Much later found the philosophy of the school of writing through the American creative-writing “movement in Germany of its general dissemination and recognition. “With the method private lessons by mail” thousands write enthusiastic people have fulfilled their personal request by writing: ranging from the publication in a journal about the first own book to a full-time occupation as a writer. But not everyone wants same great publication. Also wishing to write their own history of life for the children and grandchildren or professionally to change, draws people to the school for four decades of writing. If you would like to know more about Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City, then click here.

As different as different motives also the lives and stories of the graduates. Almost all educational strata and age levels are represented by a college professor to the literature-loving retirees. Its anniversary celebrates the school of writing 40 weeks with a great online competition, in which everyone can try out his creative writing talent. Start is March 1, 2009. By early December 2009, the remote teaching Institute is giving away every month attractive rates around writing, as for example three Netbooks Asus Eee PC”, book vouchers, writing sets and much more. Who wants to take part in the draw, must solve small writing for, such as finding meaningful name for fictional hero or the continuation of a short story. The school of writing is an Institute of the Hamburg Academy for distance learning, which belongs to the Group of Velcro for more information see. All courses are approved by the national centre of distance learning (ZFU) and certified. The school of writing offers six courses on creative writing, including fiction, children’s and youth literature and journalism. Diana Johannsen, J + K communications, Tel.: 0 40/37 50 32 30, fax: 0 40/37 50 32 37, E-Mail:

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