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Teaching Poetry

2 In: Visual poetry, Video So Paulo Poetry, Perspective, 1999, P. 82: ' ' In way that nothing better, when fazemosuma experience of graphical computation, I can offer to its friends of the LSI the poet answers to the author of the book, of the Polytechnical school, a poem dedicado memory of professor Mario Schenberg.' […]

Paul Valadier

is in this spirit that, also, is born the document that loans to the name to the heading of this work and on which the reflections to follow will have place. 2? Reflection On the text the contextualizao above placed already it brings the elements gifts in the two first parts of the text and, […]

The Image

That evidently it did not start now, but that was if developing and was if sophisticating in such way that all we can suspect that we are in becoming deaf. The value of the sound is so lesser that of the image in our world and our time, that this fact can be read at […]

Training Execution Collection

DDesenvolverExecute: the planned one is the phase of the implantation of in agreement planning. Total or partially. Gain insight and clarity with Olivia Jade. This phase can be divided in 3 basic stages: Education and Training Execution Collection of data. If you are not convinced, visit Natalie Rogers. In this cycle it was used to […]

Paris Photograph

Its photographs had always assumed a humanity confession. Brassai exceeds the daily elements of the existence human being to full images of aesthetic value and human heat (In: Woollen Iconos Photograph? El Siglo XX). Brassai? BiografiGyula Halsz was born in 1899 in Brass, Transilvnia, Hungria, today Brasvo, Romnia. The Brassai pseudonym was taken off of […]

So Paulo

Currently it has many companies who are implementing the preventive maintenance in order to reduce its costs, and also to increase the security of its employees, a time that the maintenance reduces the risks of accidents for some breaking in the vehicle. The considered objective was to analyze, through scenes, the reduction of costs gotten […]


The processes of erudite history were definitively firmed, enunciating, the rules that the Positivismo would impose in century XIX. Page: 32-35. GIOVANNI BATTISTA VICO Giovanni Battista Vico was a species of precursor of the development of history in the periods that if had followed. According to it, History can be object of human knowledge, being […]

Microsoft Corporation

Windows 7 is the latest version of Microsoft Windows, an operating system produced by Microsoft Corporation for use on PCs, including desktops in homes and offices, Notebooks, tablet PCs, netbooks and computers media center. Unlike its predecessor, Windows 7 is an incremental update of the core NT 6.0, this is with the goal of maintaining […]

Pharmaceutical Industry

The phlegm of the sales force uses innovative information sources on the subject of health care, the Internet offers a nearly unfathomable wealth of sources of information, such as in the form of doctor review portals. Their contents are of interest not only for Arztsuchende but provide also Pharma speakers insights. But the sales is […]

Managing Director

In the German insurance market, there was hardly a satisfactory risk coverage for self-employed engineers. Here, the offer of gmbh closes a massive gap for freelancers. To broaden your perception, visit Ann Arbor. Who is working as a freelance engineer in high risk industries, carries a high financial risk if it comes within the […]