10 Ways To Become A Poor

Spends most of what win – in fact, if you only do the # 1, won’t have to worry about the other 9 points. This is the easiest way for any person becoming poor. No matter if you make millions or hundreds of dollars each month, the same principle applies in both cases. Want to have all that don’t – wish something better is not a bad thing, but the desire, yes it is. Buy things that you can not let you, because you not happy to wait until you can get it, is a good way to stay poor.

Never you des nothing anyone – it seems counter-intuitive, but staying with everything for you, it makes you have less. Proverbs 11: 25 says: the soul of blessing to others will be engordada; and that refreshes, he also will be satiated. Not paying attention to where he’s going money – to talk to people about the budget, seems to me that the majority said that when they began budgeting, it seemed to have much more money. The reason is that they didn’t know where he was going to stop everything, until it was budgeted. I had a similar experience myself. I say to him, and believe me, really, I knew that my money was going, but once I started a budget, I was surprised by the amount of money that was available.

Get a loan for everything – cars, a new bedroom, a holiday bonus game: credit cards with an interest rate of 25%! Use the money to buy things (especially articles which depreciated in value) is the key to get out of the poor of the cycle. Have you ever noticed that the part of the city where you can usually find rentals is in the centres? It is not where rich people live. As Kiyosaki says in his famous book, rich dad, poor dad, the poor (and middle class) buy their luxuries immediately and to credit.

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